Fourth year students of the College of Accountancy in Polytechnic University of the Philippines must first take up and pass a series of evaluation exams in each of the four CPA board exam subjects namely Practical Accounting- Part 1, Practical Accounting- Part 2, Business Law and Taxation, and Management Advisory Services. Using the zero-based grading system, a student must at least obtain an overall average of 75% in the aforementioned subjects without a grade lower than 65% in each subject. Failure to achieve these requirements could result in taking up a removal exam or not be able to take part in the commencement exercise in May 2012.

Fortunately I was able to conquer the evaluation exams but almost half of the senior students in BS Accountancy did not make the cut. The road to this success had not been pretty. On the first evaluation I remembered that our faces had the same expression after the Practical Accounting- Part 2 examination, plain gloomy. Stress was starting to build up on me during the month of the second evaluation. Not only do I have to create a margin of safety in each subject but I also needed to make up for the last evaluation exam. The examination was taken and results were released. Just the same, our expressions didn’t change but this time it was because of Business Law and Taxation. As the third evaluation draws nearer, internal and external pressures were creeping up on me. My parents were already asking when will be the graduation and how much would the expenses be in order for them to prepare for it. I couldn’t answer them properly at that. I was beginning to doubt myself. Same thoughts popped in my mind over and over. What have I done wrong? Wasn’t my efforts enough? What if I failed, how was I going to explain to my parents and to the Q C Cubao Lions Club that I needed to take up summer classes and could not graduate on May 2012? We only have two evaluation exams left. I have to make it work. The third evaluation went by unexpectedly smooth. I’m not worried anymore with Practical Accounting- Part 1 and Management Advisory Services. I had created enough margin of safety on those two subjects. My only concern was to catch up in Practical Accounting- Part 2 and Business Law and Taxation. The fourth evaluation was just three weeks away from the third evaluation. Our final exams on Auditing in a Computer Information System Environment and Applied Auditing were also fast approaching. Stress and pressure had already heightened up. I started praying for a miracle that our college would lower the passing rate or use a different grading system for the benefit of everyone. But I guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up since we knew that was far from happening. Relatives and neighbors kept asking when the ‘big day’ is. Only one chance left but a lot of people to please. Then it came to me that the greatest challenge I’m facing was to decide what was important and to disregard everything else. There and then I knew what I had to do. I should focus on the task at hand, believe in myself, and most importantly, pray that everything would turn out for the best. I only needed to earn a few more percentages compared to others who needed to get a perfect score in the examination in order to make it. So to speak, I had a better shot at it. Final exams and the fourth evaluation ended. Thank God. Alas, I came out victorious.

I’ll never forget my 2nd semester of the school year 2011-2012 in PUP in order to graduate in May 11, 2012. Each and every one struggled and gave our best shot to achieve what we wanted. At the end of the day, the sleepless nights; the dark circles under our eyes; the group study sessions; the hard work and pressures involved; the sacrifices of those people who helped me make it through specially my family and friends for their support and the Q C Cubao Lions Club who had given me a life-changing opportunity, that is to pursue a college education; and of course the tears poured were all worth it. I’m now one step closer in reaching my goals in life.

I am Angelina Gato Mora, recipient of Q C Cubao Lions Club Scholarship Foundation

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