Footage of the Project, taken last October, 8 2011


By: Lion Nonie F. Esmedia
Club President
Quezon City Cubao Lions Club
LY 2011-2012

TOwards the end of September, a typhoon named Pedring slammed in Aurora Province making the place almost a ghost town, creating damages all over the place, infrastructures, business establishments, agricultures and even homes were never spared. Millions worth of properties were damaged and even lives were taken by the said catastrophe. As if those damages were not enough, a much stronger typhoon followed by the name of Quiel, this time it hits the Northern part of the Philippines, particularly Region 2 or the Cagayan Valley Region. The two typhoons were really merciless as they pounded the areas with strong winds and rains. These two typhoons combined their strength by destroying almost the entire regions 1, 2, 3 and even the National Capital Region. With that catastrophe that hit our country, i wanted to bring this to my fellow lions in the other part of the world. Our lion brothers in the USA, particularly the Houston Millennium Lions Club in Houston, Texas . I immediately spoke to them, particularly to LION ARLITA PANG and update her on what has been happening in the Philippines. Lion Arlita immediately told me that she will bring the matter to their board meeting and even told me the one of their members, LION GEORGE FORTIN will be visiting us and she promised that whatever help they can give to Quezon City Cubao Lions Club, it will be through Lion George Fortin as soon as he arrives. On the evening of October 1, 2011, Lion George called me up and discuss about the projects from the previous administration where during my term as Service Project Chairman, HMLC and QCCLC donated 2 drinking fountains in 2 public schools in San Mateo. Towards the end of our conversation, Lion George mentioned about the $1,000.00 HMLC will give to QCCLC as part of the joint projects between 2 clubs. To my gladness, i imparted this to my fellow cubao lions where we immediately talk about the relief operation. On morning of October 4, 2011, Tail Twister Lion Rey Arboleda called me up and shared an idea of giving relief goods to the place of our member, Lion Ressy in Brgy. Frances, Calumpit, Bulacan. The idea was so good, since it will benefit not only the relatives of Lion Ressy but also her other townmates. After a few planning and suggestions coming from other lions, i immediately inform the board and asking their approval for additional funds coming from our project funds to add the amount given by HMLC to be able to form a sufficient number of relief goods to be given on October 8, 2011. I bought 18 sacks of rice, contact my friend for the noodles, canned goods and many other grocery items that we thought it would be a great help to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. On October 7, 2011, packing was done for almost 400 families, stabs were distributed for a much well coordinated relief distribution and arranged it to the head of the Barangay. Early morning of October 8, 2011. At exactly 6am, our club left cubao heading towards Barangay Frances in Calumpit, Bulacan. Even the continuous rain the night prior to the scheduled opreation, did not stop our club on our mission in giving help to the victims of typhoon. At 8am we reached the place as we saw a still knee deep flood water entering the venue, while towards the furthest most part of the Barangay, water level is still up to waist and there are parts were water is up to the neck level. With this situation, majority were forced to use “banka” to be able to reach us, or the distribution place of the relief. We then started to distribute the goods amidst rains that soak people on their line. As we distribute the relief goods, more and more people are coming just to be able to secure foods that could ease their hunger. Hunger that bothers them for almost one (1) week,had Quezon City Cubao Lions Club did not do their part in giving relief goods, as no any other organization or even any agency of the Government come to their rescue or share them some relief. As our goods are slowly getting fewer, still many hapless people continue to pile up outside the venue, taking chances to get even the biscuits and the milk the we brought. Admittedly, the relief goods are not enough since families who lived in the said barangay reaches more than a thousand. As we leave the area, and as i look back, really, there are still who needs our help not just for a simple goods distribution but also, in some other way that we could help these people. I intently wrote this and share this through our clubs website and perhaps if it can be uploaded to you tube, the better. In behalf of our club, the Quezon City Cubao Lions Club, i will continue to appeal to those kind and Lion Hearted individuals, companies, my classmates in High School and College who have more than enough to please share our Blessings and help our hapless and helpless brothers and sisters. Giving a little to our fellowmen will be rewarded a thousand folds. This is just one way of thanking God for the blessing that He also shared to us. To fellow Cubao Lions and to the officers and members of Houston Millennium Lions Club, congratulations for a well organized relief distribution and the support that you have been extending to our projects…MABUHAY QCCLC and HMLC.

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