In return of all the help and guidance of the Quezon City Cubao Lions Club for my two year College Education, I am very grateful and humble to share my accomplishments to the club for without them everything would not be possible.

During our Yearend University-Wide and College Recognition Ceremonies, I was recognized for the following:
1. Top University Scholar 2011-2012
2. Top College Scholar of College of Communication 2011-2012
3. Graduating Scholar 2011-2012
4. Top President’s Lister
5. Certificate of Recognition for the conducted Institutional Research
6. Certificate of Recognition for actively participated at the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress held at CamSur, Bicol

Graduation will be soon! Thanks again for sharing your blessings by providing educational assistance to the poor but well-deserved students like me. I hope these things may inspire students to strive harder

Benjamin B. Pelayo
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Bachelor in Communication Research 2012

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