Sometime February of this year, my classmate from Baguio City approached me and confided that there are several Persons With Disability (PWD’s) in Barangay Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, wherein majority of them need help in terms of food and there are some in need of wheelchairs. I did not waste time in communicating with the President of this organization, we immediately sat down and talk of a possibility of helping these individuals. At first, i only offered a feeding project and at the same time, distribution of biscuits to these kids.

I brought this project to our club and with no hesitation, the board approved an amount that suffice for the feeding and distribution of biscuits. On March 25, 2012, Immediate Past President Lion Jojo Sta. Ana and i have the chance to look at how the life of these PWD’s. It really melted my heart as i saw these almost hopeless individuals lined up waiting for us. I figured different sickness or disability to these children, there were malnourished, autistic children, blind, deaf, mute and many more disabilities. While we are feeding these children, we imagine how hopeless they are but on the other hand, i also saw how joyful they were when they saw us. To their minds, as if they saw a saviour coming to rescue them in the midst of darkness. Unfortunately, we can only give so much as we are dependent on the funds that we have in our club.

While having their meryenda, a boy in a stroller struck my attetion. This boy is already 12 years old but he looked like about 5 years old. I found out the this boy cannot walk due to the tb of the bone sicknesss. While i was talking to this kid, i learned from his sister that this boy is really eager to go to school, Special Education for Children or what they call as SPED. The sister requested for a wheelchair if it is possible. Another is a young girl i saw in a picture that totally cannot stand up because of her situation, that this young girl’s life was already spent in the bed. Again, i included this in our agenda during the Board Meeting and asked for funds that will be used in buying wheelchairs for these two children. In our club, if it benefits people, they always have the heart to approved funds needed to help our brothers and sisters in need.

AS the fund was handed to me, I ask one of my salesmen to buy the wheelchairs last Saturday. Fortunately, we found good quality with reasonable price. This afternoon, Lion Ogie, Lion Claire and I went to Barangay Silangan and finally hand the 2 wheelchairs to the beneficiaries and they were really glad and so much joy brings out from their faces. The 12 year old kid said that finally he can go to school this coming school year, apart from the joy that he will finally go outside of their house to play. While the other one, even if he cannot talk, picture of gladness was written all over her face, as if saying”now i can enjoy my life”. To fellow Cubao Lions, especially Lions Ogie and Claire, thank you very much for joining me giving joy and hope to the two kids. To my fellow board, thank you for you generosity and willingness to approved and released funds for the needy. Indeed, Quezon City Cubao Lions are ever ready to extend help to the hopeless people in our society. MABUHAY QUEZON CITY CUBAO LIONS CLUB.

LY 2011-2012

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