On behalf of my family, i would like to thank all members of Quezon City Cubao Lions Club for the support and efforts that they have rendered for this Lion Year. Joining in this service organization is a great opportunity to reach people that need help in the prevailing life struggle. It is an opportunity to extend help to these people who, in one way or another are clamoring for more assistance in life that any organization can provide. Our club, the Quezon City Cubao Lions club has a rich tradition in doing these service projects that help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. That is why, every Lion Year, we always have to think of an innovation and new ways of servicing the needy. We have to think of a fund raising that can fund our service projects to maximize our efforts in helping people. This year is no different, as, I aim to fulfill what the objectives of our club in service and in administrative activities. The first thing i did is to think of a fund raising that will give the club a huge leap in terms of funding our service projects. The fun run that we initiated is one of the innovations apart from the usual golf tournament our club usually did. Fortunately enough, we succeeded in this first organized fun run and we were able to collect funds that suffice the needs of our club and even share some to our foundations (the Street Children and Scholarship Foundations).

But innovation doesn’t stop as we wanted to extend more and more help to our community via all the projects that we are doing. Our club likewise wanted more awareness and promoting what Lionism is all about and what our club has been doing. With this, we created our website that everybody can have the chance to view and update what Quezon City Cubao Lions Club is all about. This was very effective that during the typhoon Ondoy in 2009, countless number of people and even organizations sent their donations to our club for the relief mission of QCCLC in various part on Metro Manila. There were also different Lions Club, like the Houston Millennium Lions Club, Lions Clubs in India, Japan and even a Club in Autralia gave their share just to be able to help.
Our Club doesn’t stop there as we wanted more. Last month, one of our club members ,Lion Abe Dumlao, a past president and incumbent President of Quezon City Cubao Lions Club Scholarship Foundation made another innovation that only Quezon City Cubao Lions Club can do. This we call the CLUB’S E-NEWS LETTER. But don’t be deceived, because not only our club members can view our E-News Letter but even Lions around the world for as long as they have email addresses. At this early, i would like to extend my congratulations to Lion Abe Dumlao and to all club members for innovating this e-news letter that makes awareness so easy to access and can easily understand what Lions are doing. Content of this e-news are very informative like our projects, meetings other service and administrative activities and even how to become a Lion.

Thank you once again to all the club members and especial mention to Lion Abe Dumlao, whose talent is a great contribution to our club…Mabuhay Quezon City Cubao Lions Club.

LY 2011-2012

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